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Pet Collar

As promised – I’m back crafting!!! :)

Today’s activity is….. a new collar for my little kitty!

So we all have seen them ugly cat collars in the shops right  – ones you pay like $10+  for (yes i will admit this has been me in the past (not this kitty)) Well i got sent one in a new kitty kit i got a few weeks back  and it has a little bell – let me tell you how much we love that little bell.. no really I’m serious! I can now find the little devil and hear when shes heading for a kids room as we are putting them to bed (nothing worse then having to fish a cat out from under a very messy bedroom – double bed!!)

Oh and did i mention shes a tiny kitty (well a bit bigger now) and the collar was too big for her!!

So bring on the smartie pants me!! I decided to make her one, i mean how hard could it be! (not very if your interested!)

So here we go – you will need:

1 Strip of fabric – for my little one it was about 12.5″ x 1″ wide (the size depends on the size of cat and the side of the clips you have)

1 set of Cat collar clips – these are the safety ones that break apart if caught on anything… (yeah seen what a non ones of these can do :(  )

3 strips of double sided interfacing (its not called that is it? … you iron it on to the fabric then peel off the backing paper and iron this onto another piece of fabric (think applique)

your trusty sewing machine and some matching thread and your iron!!

So i cut out my strip

Then you need to iron in 4 – so i folded in half – ironed, then opened it up and folded in the sides to the center fold and ironed them, the folded over again and re-ironed the whole thing (make sense? – look at the piccys!)

See the 4 fold marks…

Ok now you want to iron the double sided stuff  on – put  a strip on either side of the center line, then peel off the backign paper and iron the fabric “flaps” on to it, then iron 1 strip down one side of the open strip and peel and fold over and iron (you wanna have it all nice and stuck together for security and ease of sewing! :)  )

Now you need to sew as close to the edge as you can – along both sides (dont worry about the ends)

now set your machine to a a tiny close zigzag – much like a button hole stitch, just a little wider

Now thread the forked clip on to the end (make sure its around the right way…)  then sew the “tail” as close as you can to the clip, then again at the end of the tail – securing the ends – see below

Now thread on the adjuster part, followed by the bell, followed by the end clip (huge suggestion – examine how the old collar was threaded!!! and maybe take a picture to look back at during this step!)

Basically you need the fabric strip to go thru the bell piece twice and then loop around the center bar of the adjuster piece (see below!)  – now  work out how long you need your collar – i move the adjuster piece right up close to the fork piece, and pulled the free end  of the fabric till it was at my desired smallest size – so about 7″ of fabric (not including clips) then you need to pin the tail to the main part of the collar trim excess (0nly leave enough to sew it up) and then sew – same as before. and you’ll get….

One Completed collar!!

And the kitty cat for which the collar was made! :) …. (well the back of her head anyway! lol )